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Women French Light Luxury Titanium Steel Collarbone Necklace

Women French Light Luxury Titanium Steel Collarbone Necklace

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Titanium steel jewelry stays lustrous and smooth even with prolonged wear, boasting a modern design focus.

The use of materials like imitation pearls and crystals adds unique beauty to titanium steel jewelry.

To keep your titanium steel jewelry in good condition, avoid contact with sharp objects and simply wipe it with a soft cloth if it gets dirty.

Titanium steel jewelry offers both style and practicality for everyday wear, thanks to its durability and easy maintenance.


Material: Titanium Steel

Colors: Golden


1. Titanium steel jewelry maintains its luster and smoothness, even with prolonged wear, while boasting a modern and design-focused aesthetic.
2. The choice of materials, such as imitation pearls and crystals, adds a unique beauty to the jewelry made with titanium steel.
3. To keep your titanium steel jewelry in good condition, it is advisable to avoid contact with sharp objects. If it gets dirty, simply wipe it with a soft cloth.
4. With its durability and easy maintenance, titanium steel jewelry offers both style and practicality for everyday wear.



Package Included:

1 x Necklace


Safe for Sensitive Skin

At Etherea, we strictly use hypoallergenic metals in the creation of our jewelry. Each piece is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure gentle wear and peace of mind. Enjoy beautiful, affordable jewelry with confidence.

Tarnish Resistant & Durable

All of Etherea's jewelry is designed to last for years to come. Each piece is both tarnish resistant and durable, ensuring peace of mind and lasting beauty. Our jewelry also resists the effects of heat and sweat, making it ideal for daily use.

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